Adayak Conservation

Adayak Conservation

Buy A Tee, Plant A Tree

We have teamed up with The Nature Conservatory to help fund their goal of planting 1 billion trees by 2015. As we spend our time recreating in the outdoors, whether you're climbing high in the Cascades or kayaking through a canopy of cypress trees, it's important to remember that the very nature we love being in is being destroyed by deforestation in countries that lack the conservation and protection laws we have in the United States. 
Brazil's Atlantic Forest region is on the brink of total loss. The restoration effort by Plant A Billion trees will help bring back 1 million acres of forest and remove 4 million tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year. Ecosystems will be revive and return to their nature cycles. All of this can happen - but we need your help.

Join us in making a difference. For every t-shirt (or sweatshirt) sold on Adayak, we will donate $1 directly to Plant A Billion Trees. Every dollar donated equals one tree planted - together we can help restore one of the world's most precious ecosystems.


Previous Consveration Efforts

Adayak is dedicated to helping preserve the very same environment so many of us practice our sports in. What would a river be to a kayaker if it was polluted? What would your local ski mountain be if it were bulldozed into a strip mall. Who will help protect the gray wolves of Alaska from endangerment if we don't?

Adayak had reviewed projects that nonprofit organizations are raising funds for and then donated directly to those causes at the end of each month.

To date, Adayak has helped protect the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem's whitebark pines, has helped support the Access Fund in their efforts to open up new land for climbers and has helped Conservation Northwest continue to fight for wildlife protection, including the gray wolf species, in the Cascade Range. One of our latest donations, thanks to your effort and purchases, has been to Outward Bound - a program to help at-risk youth and troubled teens find solace in the outdoors.

If you run an environmental or wildlife conservation organization and would like to work with Adayak, please contact us.